Friday, August 20, 2010

How can I play hard to get?

Please give me some successful tips on how to play hard to get with a guy that is aggressive and flirty? Thank youHow can I play hard to get?
Why u wanna do tht ?!!

do u want him or not!!!How can I play hard to get?
Make it seem like you are busy with your own life. Guys love it when women have their own thing going on.
act vaguely uninterested.

Meaning, give a causal smile but too hard. Glance but don't look.

Be busy and pre ocupied
I have always been hard to get (not ';played'; i was hard to get) And it really works...

but dont ignore him.

When he wants to talk to you just talk to him if he tries to kiss you do not let him kiss you (never say you have another boyfriend if its not true)

Let him try to get close to you and look for you but dont you look for him... be flirty though.

Then when you think its the time to show him love and that you like him like he does too stop being hard to get and stick around.

It really works to see who really does love you or who's just trying to use you. If hes just trying to use you and he says it to you just say sorry you dont play like that.

Trust me, all my relationships have been long-term, the only 2 ive had. Thats why im hard to get.

be succesful like me! lol
I play hard to get all the time but I am surrounded by beautiful women all the time ! It's hell for me too !!!
just ignore his IM's or flirt with other guys to make him want you! that will make him more determind to get with you. trust me guys love the chase..guys think hard-to-get girls are more fit for a relationship. if they think ur not hard to get u must not be any good.
No. you shouldn't play hard to get because if you really like him you should go out. but if you keep playin, hes gonna find a new ''play ground''

How do I play hard to get with a guy?

hard to get isn't really a game you play, it's a state of being. You have to feel that you are an extremely valuable person worth being with, and show it through your actions. you have to keep a part of you within you, that only a few elite people (your closest friends, most loved ones) are allowed to see and have access to. if you think highly of YOU, than so will he.How do I play hard to get with a guy?
get a restraining order against him, threaten to tell his wife
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  • How do you play hard to get, When he's playing hard to get?

    I was with a guy for 2 and a half years and were talking again. Im young, Im 16. So he his playing th hard to get game. I know he still loves me because i talk to his family. How do i play hard to get back, So i can show him its not cool.How do you play hard to get, When he's playing hard to get?
    Maybe start trying to get to him and then when he eases up start playing hard to get when you get him chasing you, did that make sence hahaha!How do you play hard to get, When he's playing hard to get?
    Do what he is doing...
    Honestly don't do it.

    HE is the one being immature.

    Just be mature about the whole situation.

    How do I play hard to get for this guy??!!! Girls and boys advices!! Please HELP!!?

    Hello, everybody!! I want to play hard to get for this guy I like in school. This dude is FINE AS HELL! I want to play hard get so he will want me more. I think he like the cat and mouse game. But I'm not down with that, yo. I don't like wasting my time. But many people said that ';play hard to get'; is the way for him to want me more. That will greater the chances of him asking me out. Okay..I give in. What are the greatest advices to help me? Instructions and all, okay.

    Thank you!How do I play hard to get for this guy??!!! Girls and boys advices!! Please HELP!!?
    I never believed in that playing hard to get. If you are hard to get, he may not want to even try, then where are you.

    If he's that fine, and you want him that badly, then you should make it easier for him to get you, not harder.

    Maybe you should ask him out, suggest a movie or something, let him know you are interested in getting to know him better.

    Lets face it, if he is as fine as hell, he'll probably have lots of girls chasing him. So playing hard to get, would put you at the end of the line, not up front, where you want to be.

    Just go for it, what do you have to lose. It's worth a shot.How do I play hard to get for this guy??!!! Girls and boys advices!! Please HELP!!?
    Who ever told you playing hard to get is the kee is lying.....PERIOD!! Maybe they dont want you with him ever think of that..No guy I know wants to waste time chasing a girl who he thinks dosnt want him.....DUMB!! Let him know you like him in some way...If he dosnt respond, then he dosnt like you and you shouldnt waste your time...
    If you just want him to play, then play hard to get, if you want a real relationship then be real and upfront about it and see what happens.
    talk to him a little, get to know him a little then ignore him.......
    Guys are dumb

    we don't like mind games

    just ask him out

    How can you tell if a possibly gay guy is playing hard to get , what kind of body language/signs would he give

    This guy I work with in the grocery store is Hott and I catch my self checking him out all the time, We always make eye contact from a distance and when he walks buy me he just looks at me and walks by but continues to look at me and doesnt say anything. When I go through the check out line to get something (just because he's the one running the check out line) We have small talk for like 10 seconds and thats it. When I see him in the store he gives off body language like he is gay, and he's not married but he may be engaged. What do I do to get his attention?How can you tell if a possibly gay guy is playing hard to get , what kind of body language/signs would he give
    Sorry, possibly gay guys don't give off different signals from other guys or I would have skipped my first husband. When you do your small talk thing, just slip in an innocent sounding question like ';how old do you think you'll be when you get married';. If he says he's engaged now, you'll know. If he says ';never';, ask why and he might tell you if he's gay.How can you tell if a possibly gay guy is playing hard to get , what kind of body language/signs would he give
    Getting anyone's attention is pretty much the same no matter who it happens to be. You either need an ';in,'; or you need to be bold enough to create your own.

    You are fortunate in that you two already work together - that's your in. If you're both old enough, try inviting him out for a beer after work, but be passive about it. (If he's going straight home after work, would he be up for stopping off for a beer - NOT like you're asking him out on a date for an evening.) If you're not old enough to do that, try getting your break at the same time he does and use the time to strike up a conversation. Find some common ground - sports you both like, other interests, whatever. Look for an opportunity to meet up outside of work, to watch a game for example.

    Use caution while you feel this guy out and determine what he's really all about. Not to discourage you, but we're all human and can tend to see or hear what we want, instead of what's really in front of us. You may interpreting his behavior the way you'd like to think of it, and the last thing you want to do is have him running around the store telling everyone you hit on him when he's got a fiance or something.

    Good luck.
    I guess you could always flash him the secret gay hand signal, and see how he reacts! Heh, heh, just kidding!

    If you are out, then maybe you should try wearing a 'Gay and Proud'; T shirt, or a rainbow pin to the store while off duty. Then when you stop to talk to him, see what he says. If he is gay and is interested, then he will make the next move.
    ask him

    Do guys like girls to be more straight forward, or be shy and play hard to get?

    and when we are straight forward (us girls), how can we tell if a guy is into it? i am confused because i really like this guy that i met at the beach..and i thought i made it pretty obvious. so we ended up kissing that night and before it got too hardcore i asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said it was complicated. he kinda resisted me the whole night but i could tell there was an energy between us. however, the next night he came back.. i didnt drink that night unlike the night before (when we kissed) and i kept on apologizing to hiim for coming on so strong. do you think he's interested? i know that if i kissed someone who i didnt like, i would make it a point not to see them , especially since he knew i liked hiim. im confuusssseedd... oh and here's another thing. he was more willing to triple kiss with me and another girl than with just ME...and i am not the type of girl that likes that kind of action and i told him and he said that that was ';good';..hes a moral type of guy .Do guys like girls to be more straight forward, or be shy and play hard to get?
    They like girls that don't assume that every man is the same and all want the same thing. Do all of your girlfriends and you like the same look? the same attitude? the same sense of humor? Probably not... Believe it or not, it's the same with them. Some like straightforwardness while others like timid.Do guys like girls to be more straight forward, or be shy and play hard to get?
    I'd prefer a woman that is shy, but once you get to know her she can turn you on and know which buttons to press...

    Yes I can see why its confusing, but if I like a girl then I would try to concentrate just on her and let the triple kissing thing come much much later. It seems that although he's nice, he may got the wrong impression with you being under the influence and all. But the good thing is that he feels guilt, I mean after you brought up the girlfriend thing.

    But I'd say just watch your step... because guys can be.... guys!
    i would say i like a girl to be in between that. not so straightforward and not so shy. how can you tell? if you're dropping hints and he's picking it.

    it seems that from the first night, you stopped him from going farther because of what you asked him: complicated means he's commited to someone.

    the second night seems he's interested to a repeat performance, thought about it, doesnt care if he's in a complicated relationship or not.

    but if he wants another girl, that's THREESOME. (typical man's sex fantasy!) from this you can tell that he's just into something, and you know what it is.
    I just think some guys dont know what they want. Most like to cheat but say they dont. I think he was interested but when you brought up the fact if he was single or not it made him think which alot of guys dont like to do they just like to go with the flow. dont even think about it you seem like a nice person its his loss.
    For some guys it is intimidating and awkward if a girl is straight forward. Shy and hard to get can be too cryptic though.

    Maybe I'm just a dumbass.

    How do I play hard to get with this guy?

    I'm sort of dating this guy... we hang out periodically and he acts like he likes me but then he says he doesn't do the ';dating'; scene... he just likes to take it one day at a time.. one day I get a vibe from him that he likes me, and then the next day he doesn't answer my calls... thats IT!!!!!! How do I play hard to get w/him cuz obviously throwing myself out there is not the way to go about it... I know he likes me, he compliments me all the time - is he just shy? wtf...How do I play hard to get with this guy?
    I LOVE this type of stuff...because I do so much of it myself.

    Firstly, from reading your post, you sound like your are kinda desperate to get him to notice you and not play it cool. That's NOT good - it only will encourage him to play hard to get even more.

    You have to let him know that two people can play the game - that he is not the centre of your world (even if he is.) For example, if he mentions he sent you a msg or email, pretend you didn't read it because you were too busy and had other priorities. Don't say yes to everything he asks for. Group outings where you and him are part of the group? Don't go to everyone - it will make him miss you more.

    The point of playing hard to get is to get the other person to treasure and cherish you for when you are around and miss you when you are not. Be cheeky but don't hurt him.

    I will admit it I played it overboard once and it turned out into a mess. He gave up and fell in love with another girl. I regret it very much.How do I play hard to get with this guy?